Makin' It Rain!

November 15, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

We love to do conceptualized photography.  It gives us an opportunity to make the most of our equipment and photography skills.  When Cody and Cynthia came to us with a save the date card concept we got really excited to put it all together.  The concept started out with Cody handing his fiancé, Cynthia, a credit card while he was chilling on the couch watching a football game.  We started building on the idea, trying to make it a little more exciting and giving it a little more life.  So, we brought a wad of cash to the shoot.  We tried several images with cody handing Cynthia the cash but decided that it would really give the image more expression if he threw it over her ( ie: made it rain:).  Both Cody and Cynthia did such a great job with expressions during this shoot.  We can't wait to photograph their wedding in July! 

Here are a couple images we liked from the shoot and a little snapshot of the setup.





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